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Williams Research Group

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Former Graduate Students

Michelle Sanchez

Postdoctoral Fellow, Jeffrey D. Winkler, University of Pennsylvania


Ph.D. 2014

"The synthesis of the pentacyclic carbon framework of the PF1270 family of natural products"

Marie Trujillo


M.S. 2012

Tim Welch


Ph.D. 2012

"Epidithiodioxopiperazines : synthetic studies of (+)-chetomin and (-)-sporidesmin A"

Jennifer Guerra-Bubb

Assistant Professor in Residence, University of Nevada, Las Vegas


Ph.D. 2012

"Efforts toward the total synthesis of quinine, synthesis of largazole analogs, and progress toward potential biosynthetic intermediates of taxol"

Bryce Gode

VSI Parylene


M.S. 2012

Alberto Jimenez

Postdoctoral Researcher, Emory University


Ph.D. 2013

"Synthetic studies on (-) lemonomycin : construction of the tetracyclic core"

Aaron Pearson

Postdoctoral Fellow, Peter G. SchultzThe Scripps Research Institute


Ph.D. 2013

"Approaches towards the synthesis of saxitoxin alkaloids"

Paul Schuber

Postdoctoral Fellow, Yoshito Kishi, Harvard University


Ph.D. 2011

"The progress towards the total synthesis of (ent)-MPC1001"

Ryan Rafferty

Postdoctoral Fellow, Paul Hergenrother, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign


Ph.D. 2011

"Total synthesis of hapalindoles J and J, formal synthesis of haplaindole O, synthesis of the proposed biosynthetic precursor to hapalindole K and work towards the ambiguine family of alkaloids"

Timmy McAfood

Postdoctoral Fellow, Jef De Brabander, UT Southwestern Medical Center

Ph.D. 2011

"Studies on the Biosynthesis of the Stephacidins and Notoamides. Total Synthesis of Notoamide S and Notoamide T. And Profess toward the Total Synthesis of Chrysogenamide A."

Jennifer Finefield

Postdoctoral Fellow, Williams Group, Colorado State University


Ph.D. 2011

Studies on the Biosynthesis of Prenylated Indole Secondary Metabolites from Apergillus versicolor and Aspergillus Sp.; and A Novel Approach to Tumor Specific Drug Delivery: Use of a Naphthyridine Drug Linker with a DNA Hairpin

Brandon English

Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Colorado College


Ph.D. 2010

A Divergent Synthesis of Secologanin Derived Natural Products

Ann E. Troutman-Youngman

Associate Chemist, Merck & Co.


M.S. 2009

Progress Towards the Improved Synthesis of FK228 and Analogs; and the Total Synthesis of Largazole-Azumamide Hybrids

Andrea Geiser

Staff Chemist, RNAi Medicinal Chemistry, Merck & Co.


M.S. 2009

“Progress Towards Proposed Biosynthetic Intermediates of Stephacidin A”

Xiangna Jia

Living Somewhere in China

Ph.D. 2009

Progress Toward and Asymmetric Total Synthesis of the Stemona Alkaloid Tuberostemoninol

Cameron Burnett

Ensign and Instructor for the U.S. Navy, Goose Creek, SC


Ph.D. 2009

“Studies Towards the Total Synthesis of Microsclerodermin G”

Tenaya Newkirk

Chemistry Faculty, Instructional Services, Red Rocks Community College


Ph.D. 2009

“Studies Towards the Total Synthesis of 14-Acetoxhelsenicine and Total Synthesis of Largazole Analogs”

Daniel A. Gubler

Assistant Professor, Brigham Young University, Honolulu, Hawaii


Ph.D. 2009

“Mitomycin Alkaloids: Synthetic Studies”

Nick Gearhart

Research Associate Scientist, Eisai Co.


M.S. 2008

“Studies Towards the Synthesis of Bicyclo[2.2.2]diazaoctane Ring System and Efforts Towards the Synthesis of SB-219383”

Alan R. Grubbs

Research Scientist, Strategic Enzyme Applications


Ph.D. 2007

“Concise Synthesis of Notoamide B-E and Stephacidin A”

Siyuan Chen

Research Scientist, Anichem Inc.


Ph.D. 2007

“Studies Toward the Total Synthesis of Spiroquinazoline”

Yuyin Chen

Research Scientist, Merck & Co.


Ph.D. 2006

“Approaches to the Total Synthesis of Lemonomycin”

Meriah W.N. Valente

Associate Research Scientist, Bristol-Myers Squibb


M.S. 2006

“Studies Towards the Biomimetic Synthesis of the Stephacidin Family of Natural Products and the Concise and Versatile Synthesis of D,L-Brevianamide B, C-12A-epi-Malbrancheamide and Structurally Related Analogs”

Chandele Gray

High School Teacher, Buckfield Jr/Sr High School, Sumner, Maine


Ph.D. 2006

“Asperparaline A: Biosynthetic Studies and Synthetic Efforts”

Ryan E. Looper

Assistant Professor, The University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah


Ph.D. 2004

“Concise Asymmetric Synthesis of the Cylindrospermopsin Alkaloids”

Duane E. DeMong

Associate Principal Scientist, Chemical Research, Merck & Co.


Ph.D. 2003

“Asymmetric Total Synthesis of Capreomycidine and Capreomycin B”

Ted C. Judd

Research Scientist, Amgen Inc.


Ph.D. 2003

“Asymmetric Total Synthesis of FR900482”

Steve Lenger

Research Scientist, Process Research, Array BioPharma


Ph.D. 2003

“Studies on the Total Synthesis of Putative Intermediates in the Biosynthesis of Taxol”

Brian K. Albrecht

Research Scientist, Constellation Pharmaceuticals


Ph.D. 2003

“A Concise Total Synthesis of the TMC-95A and TMC-95B Proteosome Inhibitors”

Paul R. Sebahar

Research Scientist, Myriad Pharmaceuticals


Ph.D. 2002

“Asymmetric, Stereocontrolled Total Synthesis of (+) and (-)-Spirotryprostatin B”

Christi Kosogof

Clin. Res. Management Assoc., Oncology Development, Abbott Laboratories


M.S. 2001

“Synthesis and Biochemical Activity of Pyrrolizidine Alkaloid Derivatives”

Emily M. Stocking

Research Scientist, R.W. Johnson Pharmaceutical Co.

Ph.D. 2001

“Studies on the Biosynthesis of Paraherquamide A and the Total Synthesis of (+)-VM55599”

Jack D. Scott

Associate Principal Scientist, Merck & Co.


Ph.D. 2001

“Total Synthesis of (-)-Tetrazomine and Biochemical Studies”

Kathleen M. Halligan

Assistant Professor, York College, York, PA


Ph.D. 2000

“Synthetic and Biosynthetic Studies of the Brevianamides”

Jeffrey Cao

Associate Principal Scientist, Merck & Co.


Ph.D. 2000

“The Total Synthesis of (-)-Paraherquamide A”

Brad Herberich

Research Scientist, Amgen Inc.


Ph.D. 1999

“Synthetic and DNA Cross-Linking Studies of Bioxalomycin”

David M. Bender

Research Associate in Drug Discovery, Eli Lilly Co.


M.S. 1998

“Design and Synthesis of Analogs of the Peptidylnucleoside Antibiotics the Mureidomycins”

Chester Chenguang Yuan

Principal Scientist, Amgen Inc.


Ph.D. 1997

“Part I. Asymmetric Synthesis of 2,6-Diaminopimiec Acids (DAP) and g-D(L)-Glutamyl-L-meso-Diaminopimelic Acid Dipeptide. Part II. Total Synthesis of TAN-1057 and Analogues”

Paul B. Gansle

Local High School Science Teacher

M.S. 1997

“Synthesis of D-Alanyl-Alanyl Dipeptide Isosteres and Cephalosporin Prodrugs”

Samuel B. Rollins

Patent Attorney, Kilpatrick Stockton, LLP


Ph.D. 1997

“Synthesis of a Photoactivated Analog of the Antitumor Antibiotic FR900482”

Scott R. Rajski

Research Associate, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Department of Pharmacy


Ph.D. 1997

“Mechanism of Action Studies on the FR900482 Class of Antitumor Antibiotics”

Jennifer Travers

Nurse & Disaster Responder for the Red Cross, formerly Instructor at Oregon St. University


Ph.D. 1996

“Panning Peptide Libraries on Filamentous Phage”

Steven M. Rubenstein

Senior Research Scientist I, Chemical Development, AMRI


Ph.D. 1996

“Elucidating the Biosynthetic Pathway of Taxol”

Christopher S. Esslinger

Professor, University of Montana (deceased)

Ph.D. 1996

“Studies Toward the Total Synthesis of Fusarin C”

Mark E. Flanagan

Senior Principal Scientist, World Wide Medicinal Chemistry, Pfizer Global R&D


Ph.D. 1995

“Synthesis and Biomechanistic Studies of Quinocarcin and Structural Analogs”

Tracy N. Tippie

Doctor, Emergency Medicine, CMMC Emergency Department


M.S. 1995

“Preparation of Azidobrevianamide A and Synthetic and Biological Studies of Tetrazomine”

Timothy D. Cushing

Principal Scientist, Amgen Inc.


Ph.D. 1993

“The Total Synthesis of (+)-Paraherquamide B”

Gregory F. Miknis

Associate Director, Colorado Center for Drug Discovery (C2D2)


Ph.D. 1993

“The Total Synthesis of Aspirochlorine”

Glenn J. Fegley

Senior Research Scientist, Onconova Therapeutics, Inc.


Ph.D. 1993

“Asymmetric Syntheses of Cyclopropane-containing Amino Acids”

James A. Hendrix

Senior Director of Medicinal Chemistry, Healthy Aging, Sanofia-Aventis


Ph.D. 1991

“The Asymmetric Synthesis of Arylglycines”

Myeong-Nyeo Im

Instructor, Seoul, Korea

Ph.D. 1991

“The Asymmetric Synthesis of Amino Acids via Glycine Enolate Alkylation”

Paul P. Ehrlich

Research Scientist, Pfizer

Ph.D. 1989

“Synthesis and Pharmacophoric Studies of Quinocarcin”

Lynn K. Maruyama-Kirms

Professor, Southern Oregon University, Ashland, Oregon


Ph.D. 1987

“Synthesis and Study of Bicyclomycin Analogs”

Peter J. Sinclair

Research Scientist, Drug Discovery, Merck & Co.


Ph.D. 1987

“Asymmetric Synthesis of Amino Acids via Electrophilic Glycinates”

Andrew O. Stewart

Volweiler Research Scientist, Abbott Laboratories


Ph.D. 1985

“Carbohydrates as Chiral Templates”

Robert W. Armstrong

V.P. External Research, Eli Lilly


Ph.D. 1984

“Total Synthesis of (+/-)- and (+)-Bicyclomycin”

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