Vy Le

Graduate Student (4th Year) Colorado State University

B.A. University of Colorado, Boulder, 2008


My work in Williams lab is to synthesis ecteinascidin 743 (ET 743), a marine metabolite that was isolated from Caribbean tunicate Ecteinascidia turbinata in 1990.  Among the tetrahydroisoquinoline family, ET 743 is the most potent antitumor agent leading to clinical use in treatment of soft tissue sarcoma in Europe and phase II/III clinical trials in the US.  Total syntheses of 1 were completed by Corey et al (2.04% yield over 36 steps), Fukuyama et al (0.56% yield over 50 steps), and Zhu et al (1.7% yield over 31 steps).  Two formal total syntheses were also reported by Danishefsky et al (0.037% yield over 38 steps) and Williams et al (4.78% yield over 41 steps), and a semi-synthesis from the bacterial fermentation product, cyanosafracin B, was done by a group at PharmaMar (<1% yield over 21 steps).

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